Using WE Transfer

 How to Use WE Transfer GO TO WE TRANSFER

Files are submitted in a 2 step process using the WE Transfer website and email.

WE Transfer

Step 1: WE Transfer Website

  • Go to
  • If given the option, choose the free version! (If no option it will be free by default.)
  • Click on the ‘Add your files’ box on the We Transfer homepage.
  • Select your files from your computer or storage device.
  • No need to add a message (as you are only just about to generate a link on the screen)
  • NOW THIS IS IMPORTANT – in the same box on the We Transfer homepage click the additional menu icon at the bottom of the box (the three dots in the circle) and select Send as ‘link’. Then click the ‘Transfer’ button.
  • This generates a download link. Click the ‘Copy Link’ button.

Step 2: Email My Place in Print

  • Send an email to and paste the link in the email. Add a short message stating your Seller Name and confirming the name of the files you are submitting.
  • Job done.

Once your email is received by My Place in Print, your files can be downloaded via the link you provided.  WE Transfer was founded in 2009 and last year sent 10 billion files around the world.  It is a safe, widely used and well recognised service for file sharing across the internet.


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