Printing and Framing


Photographic prints are printed edge to edge (no white border) onto professional grade colour paper from the Fuji Crystal Archive range with a gloss or matt finish.  Laser printing is used rather than more common inkjet printing.  These processes provide:

  • Exceptional print detail;
  • 68 billion colours; and
  • Extended print lifespan and long term colour stability.

The end product is prints of the highest quality, producing simply stunning results in image reproduction, not just on the day of production but for years and years to come.


  • Standard – single external mount, 6 colours (black/white/gold/silver/lightwood/darkwood), standard frame moulding.
  • Deluxe – double external mount, 6 colours (black/white/gold/silver/lightwood/darkwood), deluxe frame moulding.

The range of frames available adopts various profile shapes, some are plain and some include subtle curves or mouldings. The thickness of frames is proportionate to the size of the print – smaller prints use narrower frames and larger prints use thicker frames.  All the frame options available can be viewed here – Frames.

The finished frame size will naturally be bigger than the size of the print to accommodate the mount and frame.  Smaller frames are approximately 6 inches bigger than the print and larger frames approximately 8 inches bigger.

All prints are also bonded to a rear mount board to permanently prevent any rippling of the print over time and fixed inside the frame using MDF backing board.  The front of the print is contained behind a sheet of acrylic glass (similar to Perspex).  Acrylic glass has the look of traditional glass but is lighter and critically will not shatter or break – and so it is delivery friendly!  Frames are finished to the rear by sealing with artists tape and adding hanging rings and cord.

Framed prints have the option to have titled mounts.  If this option is selected, the mount of the framed print will include the title of the print hand written in pencil centrally below the image.

So frames are custom made for each print to the highest of professional quality finishes, producing excellent results, each and every time.


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