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All images presented on this website are the property of the original photographer (not My Place in Print), who therefore own the copyright to these images.  Unauthorised reproduction of any image displayed on this website is therefore illegal and is strictly prohibited.

 Framed or Unframed?

The choice isn’t really framed or unframed, but rather whether you would like that done for you or whether you would prefer to have this done independently.  It is thoroughly recommended that all prints are framed.  This will help maximise the longevity and integrity of the print, but moreover present it to its fullest potential.  Furthermore, frames should ideally be custom made by a professional framer.  Frames purchased from My Place in Print are custom made.

There are a number of advantages in having a frame custom made:

  • you aren’t restricted by the dimensions of the print as any combination of sizes can be catered for by the framer;
  • the frame will almost certainly be of a better quality and finish;
  • the print can be mounted to guard against the effects of humidity or dampness;
  • custom framing provides the greatest flexibility in terms of style, colour and specification as you are only limited by what the framer has to offer; and
  • your framer will be able to guide you through the process and help you make the right choices.

If you choose to have your print framed independently, you’ll have this flexibility at your disposal.  If you choose to have your print framed for you by My Place in Print, quality will come without question and convenience will be on your side!

If you do choose an ‘off the shelf’ frame (one that can be picked up in any appropriate retail outlet), please be sure to bear the above in mind and that the size of the print you choose is suitable for this style of framing.

 Image Colour and Brightness

The digital era is here and My Place in Print is part of this.  Accordingly, this ease of online shopping does come with some complications, for those with an eye for detail, where photographic prints are concerned.

The production of prints available for purchase through this website is controlled by a calibrated system to ensure their accurate reproduction.  From the image file captured by the camera to the output from the printer, colours and tones are managed to ensure quality is not compromised in the production process.

In an ironic way this attention to detail may be in vain since ultimately the destination of the print can have the most significant impact on its appearance!  A print viewed in daylight conditions may look very different to one viewed under artificial lighting.  Furthermore, how you see the images on this website may also vary depending on the settings of your monitor or viewing device, such as its brightness levels.

So all in all there is great scope for variation in how a print may look, at the end of the day even our own eyes see things differently sometimes.  Rest assured however, that the utmost is done to ensure that prints produced via My Place in Print are of the highest quality, and are true to the original image and the way it was intended to be seen by the photographer.  At least then, this part of the equation isn’t left to chance!

 Bigger is Better!

This is a simple one – bigger is better!

Prints are available is a range of sizes as understandably not everyone has acres of space to hang a framed print on a wall.  However, the photography of places includes capturing and conveying landscapes of grandeur and scale.  And so reproducing these in a print, often lends itself and benefits from maximising sizes to try and convey this sense of proportion and inspiration of the subject matter.

So the bottom line – bigger can be better, naturally this isn’t always desirable or possible, but sometimes it can help and add a bit of a wow factor!


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