West Sands Reflections

St Andrews reflections on the West Sands.

The West Sands at St Andrews present many possibilities for photography, and reflections are just one.  The orientation of St Andrews means sunrise over the town is best viewed in mid winter when the sun rises to the furthest south.  The cloud formation here also provides an interesting composition creating leading lines, drawing your eye to the focal point of the rising sun over the Chapel of Saint Salvator.

Reflections on the beach mean the timing of the sunrise has to coincide with the right state of the tide as well, as there’s little beach to work with when the tide’s in.  Stack this up against the unpredictable weather, sea state and the seasonal position of the sunrise and you’re not left with many opportunities in the year to take this photo.  Rest assured there was plenty of planning behind this final image!

The reflections in the wet sand are best captured as low to the ground as possible.  For the photographer this presents some depth of field issues to overcome but also requires good timing to capture the water as it flattens as the waves run back down the beach.  It also requires a willingness to get wet, lying down in the wet sand as the waves rush up the beach to meet you!!

It might not be as obvious, but the movement in this photograph created by the breaking waves, throwing salty sea spray into the air as they roll into the beach, is also a lovely feature.

Photograph by: Dougal Nicol Landscape Photography (All rights reserved.)

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