Twilight Tranquillity

St Salvators Chapel floodlit against the vibrant twilight sky.

Saint Salvator’s Chapel forms one of the most prominent features in the skyline of St Andrews.  Perhaps more commonly photographed from the north and the West Sands but here pictured from the south east, along the coastal path.

Long after the sun set on this summer’s evening, in the twilight hour, the sky formed a great spectrum of pastel shades from the pinkish haze at the distant horizon up to the darker blues of the clear sky above.  This forms a great backdrop to the floodlit spire of St Salvator’s Chapel in the foreground.

These twilight circumstances lend themselves to a minimalist composition, with an elongated vertical panorama and the foreground only occupying a small proportion of the final image frame.  This composition is also helped through the use of a long zoom lens to shorten the sense of perspective between the Chapel and the distant hills beyond.

There’s a lot to be said for twilight photography; the moments after the sun has dipped over the horizon, when nature’s light combine with artificial light, compliment themselves brilliantly to balance light and shadow throughout the scene.

Photograph by: Dougal Nicol Landscape Photography (All rights reserved.)

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