St Andrews Sundown

A panoramic sunset over St Andrews.

The sun sets on a summer’s evening to the north west of St Andrews leading to wonderful layering effect of warm sunset tones across this panorama.  This provides are strong contrast between the foreground and distant hills, emphasising the spires and features of the town, such as the Chapel of Saint Salvator and the ruins of St Andrews Cathedral.

The coastal path to the south east of St Andrews provides a number of good vantage points looking across the East Sands to the town.  You can have a bit of fun in this area finding the best spot as each provides a different view of the town.  Those higher up provide distant views beyond to the west, but those down at the beach provide a chance to include intriguing foreground elements such as the swirling currents and breaking waves of the rocky foreshore.  Definitely a great deal of potential for more great photographs of St Andrews.

Photograph by: Dougal Nicol Landscape Photography (All rights reserved.)

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