Salisbury Vantage

Sunset over Edinburgh Castle and the Old Town, framed by the Salisbury Crags

This view, or variations of it, is a common portrayal of Edinburgh city centre, being captured from the slopes of Arthur’s Seat.  But to get the best out of this view and make the most of the photograph, you have to pick (or luck out with) the right time of year, the right kind of weather and be willing to get off the well trodden paths to refine the composition.  And even then you have to pick your moment, so that the little detail, like the walkers on Salisbury Crags, round off the photograph.  There are also a few other famous landmarks on show in this vista too, like the Forth Rail bridge, disappearing into the distant summer haze.

Hopefully this mid summer sunset manages to achieve all these components to provide a version of this well known view that is a little bit different!  But the best thing is, there’s bound to be more evenings like these in the glorious Scottish summers to come….

Photograph by: Dougal Nicol Landscape Photography (All rights reserved.)

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