Fields of Gold

A hazy summer's sunset over the city of Edinburgh.

This is perhaps an ideal image to capture the philosophy of My Place in Print; to portray the places we love through landscape photography.

For the photographer it involved a late decision to head out with their camera and a mad dart across Edinburgh to reach an elevated vantage point to the south-east, all in time for the onset of sunset.

The last rays of the sun cast a magnificent and vibrant hue across the city that allows detail in the cityscape to be picked out.  From the port buildings of Leith, westwards across the top of Arthur’s Seat, to the distinctive skyline of the Royal Mile and Edinburgh Castle itself.

The fields of Dalkeith in the foreground and the hazy distant Ochil Hills north-east of Stirling, also add a real sense of depth to the vista.

All in all, perhaps you can see what the essence for My Place in Print means…

Photograph by: Dougal Nicol Landscape Photography (All rights reserved.)

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