Ethereal Fettes

Low mist surrounding Fettes College in Edinburgh

Fettes College, Edinburgh, emerging from the retreating sea haar

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The striking gothic architecture of Fettes College impresses on an average day but as the ebbing haar encircles the building, swirling around its grounds, Fettes seems as if even more from a fantasy realm.  It’s hard to believe that the twenty-first century Edinburgh streets and city life surround the college on every side!

Similar to my other forays out with my camera on misty, haar consumed days, the moment when visibility improves to capture the scene cannot be predicted.  On this occasion the haar wasn’t hanging around for long once the morning sun got a hold of it, illuminating Fettes central spire.  And once the haar breaks, it can be only minutes until it’s gone and the moment is over.  So sometimes you’ve got to be pretty quick, as was the case in this instance.  I only just made it in time to take this photo, including perching on the roof of my car, straining to get my camera lens clear of a foreground hedge!

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