Deep Down in the Dean

A photograph of Dean Bridge displaying its Autumn colours.

The Water of Leith runs right across Edinburgh and varies hugely along its course, creating no end of interesting nooks and crannies in the city’s features and form.  For a large section the river cuts a deep steep sided ravine through Ravelston and DeanVillage.  This has given rise to some impressive Victorian engineering and none more so than Thomas Telford’s DeanBridge.

This photo proved pretty challenging to take, not for the combination of camera accessories, such as ND and graduated filters, but moreover for sitting in the middle of a fast flowing river, only inches above the water!!  The camera needed to be as low as the photographer could get it, to hide the very unsightly brick manhole that sits in the middle of the river, secluded by the large boulder mid shot here.  It also meant ditching the tripod as the vibrations from the river’s current were causing too much camera shake.  Instead the camera sat on a bean bag and a make shift island constructed of bags of gravel.  This definitely represents one outside a photographer’s normal comfort zone!

Photograph by: Dougal Nicol Landscape Photography (All rights reserved.)

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