Close Retreat

A photograph of a passing rain shower view from a Royal Mile close.

This photograph arose whilst sheltering from a traditionally heavy Scottish downpour in one of the Royal Mile’s many closes.  As the sun broke after the passing rain the city’s detail was framed through the darkness of the close and vibrantly lit up in stark contrast to the storm clouds beyond.  Heavy rain like this provides great photographic material as once passed, the clouds don a fantastic rich colour and darkness.  This is also evident as they approach but you have to be prepared to get out of the way or get wet!!

As well as providing handy rain shelters the subtlety of the Royal Mile’s closes can provide intriguing detail in composing photographs of the city beyond.  An example of this is the engraved flagstone in the foreground.

Although the close provided the key to this image, the only problem to overcome here was the half dozen other punters sharing the close to escape the rain!

Photograph by: Dougal Nicol Landscape Photography (All rights reserved.)

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