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Hazy sunset through an Edinburgh haar

The evening haar creates a murky sunset over Edinburgh

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Edinburgh, like much of Scotland, is blessed with a very diverse local climate.  This provides an abundance of conditions to capture very different photographs of the city and its places.  You’d be hard pushed to take the same shot twice!

This is particularly true for the haar (sea fog) that rolls in from the Firth of Forth.  It can ruin sunny days for tourists but it can create stunning and mysterious effects for photography.  Quite apart from how it looks it can also be quite a spectacle, especially when it moves inland as a dense wall of mist, enveloping the city streets and buildings as it rapidly advances.

Here the haar is beginning to thin gradually as the sun sets to the west.  This forms a natural filter providing a well defined view of the tinted sun as it dips towards the horizon.  It also creates a murky atmosphere, full of character, across the Old Town to Edinburgh Castle and Corstorphine Hill in the distance beyond.

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