A Cross the Forth

A mid summer sunset lights up the sky behind the First Forth Road Bridge prior to the construction of its successor.

You may not normally consider photographing the (now former) road crossing of the Firth of Forth, but this photograph came about quite by chance.  Moreover, given the new Queensferry Crossing of the Firth of Forth that lies to the west of this bridge, this image is now a piece of history.

The photographer had been north of Edinburgh in Fife on a summer’s evening, scoping out a few potential vantage points and locations. Spending most of the time exploring low lying coastal paths and looking south across the water to Edinburgh, they had been oblivious to the sunset that was unfolding over the hills to the west. It wasn’t until they started their journey back across the Forth Road Bridge that they really became aware of the spectacular colours streaming across the sky from the, now rapidly disappearing, sun.

Without the luxury of any time to plan, prepare and compose a shot, they frantically fell out of their car in a lay-by in South Queensferry and threw their tripod and camera together in an attempt to capture something meaningful, before all was lost below the horizon. The result was a series of very rich images that bring, perhaps an otherwise uncharismatic landmark, to life.

This image adopts a more unconventional geometric composition and provides an interesting alternative to more traditional panoramic views of the bridges spanning the Forth.

Photograph by: Dougal Nicol Landscape Photography (All rights reserved.)

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