Photography Guidelines

 Image Criteria

Images submitted to My Place in Print must meet these criteria to be accepted.  If you are unsure about any of these, please get in touch – contact form.

Copyright: Images must be your own, i.e. you own the copyright and you have not found them somewhere else.  In simple terms this probably means you took the photo with your camera!

File Name: Must contain your Seller Name for My Place in Print (not the user name you registered with as this is an email address).

File Type: JPEG*, TIFF or PSD.

Metadata: Yes.

File Size: Maximum 1GB.

DPI: 300.

Colour Space: sRGB or RGB.

Colour Depth: 8 BIT (JPEG) or 16 BIT (TIFF or PSD)

Watermarks: None. These will be added by My Place in Print.

Resolution: Minimum 3000 pixels for the longer side of the image.

Mega Pixels: Maximum 50MP (excluding stitched panoramas that may be more).

Aspect Ratio: Must be one of the following (in either the portrait or landscape format).

Ratio 1:1 1:1.2 1:1.5 1:2 1:2.5 1:3 1:3.5
Other ratios may be considered subject to specific enquiry.
Example 8″ x 8″ 12″ x 10″ 12″ x 8″ 12″ x 24″ 30″ x 12″ 8″ x 24″ 12″ x 42″

* Depending upon the results of the image once printed files may be requested in either TIFF or PSD format.  Some images reproduce poorly in print using JPEGs due to the 8-BIT colour depth of JPEG Files.  This can be overcome by printing from TIFF or PSD files for the images where these adopt 16-BIT colour depth.

 Merit Guidelines

Everybody has a different opinion on what makes or defines a good photo, including you and My Place in Print.  Importantly, neither is right or wrong, as opinions are allowed to differ!  HOWEVER, here is what My Place in Print is looking for in the photography that will be accepted for sale:

1 – Philosophy: It must fit with My Place in Print’s philosophy, i.e. be of a recognisable place (and hopefully popular place).

2 – Basics: Get the basics right, such as a straight horizon and correctly exposed and focussed.

3 – Digital Tweaks: Use post processing if you can to tidy up your images, such as removing dust spots, and by all means make subtle improvements (such as light HDR or blending, cropping, straightening, exposure/colour adjustments, etc.) and keep photographs with a natural feel.  AVOID that gross HDR look and absolutely no ‘graphic design’, e.g. replacing whole parts of images in photoshop, such as skies.  The minor cloning (removal) of unsightly smaller objects, for example a distant crane or wind turbine, is acceptable.

4 – Skill and Luck: Try and capture the subject looking a bit special, such as a fantastic sunset or covered in a blanket of snow.  Perseverance and creativity required for this one…….

The rest is up to you to find the perfect subject and vantage point, get the composition right, use your camera magic and get lucky with the weather!


 Submission Outcome – Approval/Rejection

Images submitted to My Place in Print must meet the criteria and guidelines above to be accepted for sale.  Images that fail to meet these criteria and guidelines will be rejected.  However, if there are only minor issues at hand, slight adjustments to get it right can be easily overcome through some human to human chat and the image fixed and resubmitted so it can be approved and sold. No problem!


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