Single or Double Mounts

Frame with Single Mount

Single Mount (Standard Frames)

Frame with Double Mount

Double Mount (Deluxe Frames)

A framed print will comprise the print itself, a mount surrounding the print, a mounting board to the rear of the print, an acrylic glass cover and the frame itself (including a backing board).

The external mount, often just referred to as the mount, is the border surrounding the finished print.  It comprises soft white, slightly textured, 2000 micron extra thick whitecore conservation mount board.

Standard frames have single mounts, i.e. one layer of mount board, and deluxe frames have double mounts, i.e. two layers of mount board, accentuating the print within the frame.


Titled Mounts

Framed prints have the option to have titled mounts.  If this option is selected, the mount of the framed print will include the title of the print hand written in pencil centrally below the image.  This detail adds a personal touch to the finished article!

The title of the print on the mount of the frame

The print title added, centrally to the frame mount.



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