Image Security

 How Your Images are Protected

In order to keep your images secure My Place in Print will do its utmost to reduce the potential for your images to be reproduced without permission.

Copyright: Copyright of your images submitted to My Place in Print remains yours.

Restricted Display Resolution: The versions of your images displayed on the My Place in Print website are low resolution (maximum 1500 pixels by 1500 pixels).  Whilst stopping these being copied online is almost impossible, deterrents are in place on the website (e.g. watermarks) and reproduction of the images will never be possible at high resolutions thereby eliminating unauthorised high quality reproduction of images for commercial gain.

Watermarks: These are added to images displayed on the website by My Place in Print.  Invariably these appear in the corner of an image (to avoid spoiling it).  The watermark will comprise the Seller’s Name.  The copyright of images may also be stated adjacent to them on the website to make their unauthorised reproduction clear.

File Storage: Your original (high resolution) image files are not stored online, i.e. they are not stored on the internet or on a third party server.  They are stored on a private external hard drive.

Image Use: Your photography will only be available through My Place in Print as the items for sale.  No digital files are sold by My Place in Print and your image files will not be reproduced or printed by any other means, for any other purpose.

Account Closure: When your account is closed as files will be deleted and you will be informed that this has been completed by email.

Whilst the measures undertaken above will reduce the potential for your images to be reproduced without permission, My Place in Print accepts no responsibility for the unauthorised use of images displayed within this website.


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