How to Become a Seller

Step 1 – RegisterREGISTER

  • Provide an email address (this will be your user name) and choose a password in the registration form and select the “Apply to become a Seller” box.
  • You will receive a welcome email acknowledging your registration and that your application to become a Seller is pending.
  • You will receive a separate email with a welcome pack.  This provides you with a copy of the Seller Terms and Conditions, requests your payment details for electronic bank transfers (BACS – so you can be paid for your work that sells) and has guidelines for your photography and image files you want to submit.  It also provides a Declaration form to accept the Seller Terms and Conditions.  As part of this form you should choose a Seller Name.  This shall be your name associated with your images displayed on and should be unique to you for copyright purposes.
  • Return the BACS and Declaration form (to agree to the Seller Terms and Conditions) by email to
  • Your application shall then be approved and a further email provided to confirm this.  You can now access your own Seller Dashboard at when logged in.
  • You will receive a Seller Profile form to complete and return so your profile can be added to the website (like this). This will help people get to know you and your work.

Step 2 – Transfer Your Photographs

  • Once you have one or more photos you wish to sell on My Place in Print you can transfer these files online (maximum 10 at any one time). The copyright for each image is retained by you.
  • Each image must accord with the Photography Guidelines (standard image sizes, minimum resolution, etc.), be your own (your copyright), and be accompanied by a text document stating the image title and providing a short description about the image (for example the place and features in the image, when it was taken, conditions at the time, etc.). Have a look at this example to get the idea for the text.
  • Transfer your image files with the accompanying text document using the WE Transfer website and here’s a guide on how to do this.

 Step 3 – Image Approval and Going Live

  • Your images will be approved for selling based upon 2 criteria: 1) Compliance with the Photography Guidelines and 2) Merit.  The merit of your images will be judged upon their photographic quality and whether they fit with My Place in Print’s philosophy.  Here’s a guide to help you understand what is suitable.  Please understand it is My Place in Print’s decision on what is considered ‘a good photo’ for this website.  This wont necessarily be the same as your opinion or anybody else’s and doesn’t mean an image is good or bad; merely that it is suitable for this website, or not!!
  • My Place in Print will not alter your image files in any way.
  • If your images are approved they’ll be added to the website and you will receive an email to notify you when this has been done.
  • Images displayed on the website will include your Seller Name as a watermark.
  • You can access your own Seller Dashboard at when logged in and view your own portfolio.
  • If your images are declined you’ll receive and email explaining why and whether changes are required so that they can be resubmitted.
  • PLEASE NOTE that it may take a few days for images to go live on the website as each image is submitted to the printers to acquire a test print to prove the image quality at the maximum print size. This is done before images are approved and can go live on the website.

 Step 4 – Sales and Payments

  • Once live your photography will be available for customers to buy through My Place in Print as a product, for example framed prints.  Images are not sold as digital files, only physical products.
  • Each time a sale occurs on the My Place in Print website you will receive an automatically generated email notification confirming the sale, i.e. what has been sold and the commission due to you (15% as standard).
  • You can view your ongoing sales records any time by logging in to My Place in Print and accessing your personal Seller Dashboard.
  • At the end of each month your total commission on all your sales for that month will be transferred to your bank account by BACs (electronic bank transfer) with an accompanying email to confirm this has taken place.  Please ensure you have returned your BACS form.

 Step 5 – Ongoing Management

  • You can view your products currently on sale, your sales and account details at any time by logging in to My Place in Print and accessing your Seller Dashboard.
  • You can add new images at any time by repeating the same process described above via WE Transfer.
  • Your images will be treated sensitively to preserve their security; they are yours and yours alone.  You can find out more about this here – Image Security.
  • If at any time you wish to withdraw your image files and stop trading, you can contact My Place in Print and your account will be closed and all of your files deleted.
  • If at any time you have any questions or comments or feedback you can easily get in touch by email, phone or even post.  My Place in Print is run by a photographer (yes, a real human being in a real place!) for photographers, so the more I can help or improve things for everyone the better!
  • For further information please read the FAQs.

Useful Information:

Seller Terms and Conditions

Photography Guidelines

Image Security



If you have any questions before registering to become a Seller, please feel free to ask –


Any of your comments or views on the process described above would be welcome.  Please feel free to get in touch – Contact Form.



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