St Andrews

St Andrews Photography

Although a relatively small city, St Andrews is world renowned for its University and not least as the ‘home of golf’.  It also conveniently provides a very picturesque location for landscape photography with it recognisable low skyline broken by St Salvators Chapel and St Andrews Cathedral.  It also benefits from the stunning West Sands beach lying adjacent to the city.  This stretch of sand extends for some 5km to the north and provides any number of wonderful photographic opportunities, such as capturing the city reflected in the wet sands below a scarlet winter’s sunrise sky. Perfect! All you need to manage is not to get your feet wet (or camera)……..

The city can also be viewed from a number of wider vantage points along the coastal path to the south and has further intriguing features such as the St Andrews Castle and the harbour.  These factors all combine to make St Andrews perfect to photograph.


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