Q:  Are photographs fake or created in software like Photoshop to look good?

A:  No.  My Place in Print only accepts genuine photographs for sale.  These may have been digitally edited to make subtle refinements and improve the quality of the finished article.  However, My Place in Print does not accept images for sale that have been ‘created’ or heavily digitally processed in photography software to create photographs that seem unreal or look fake.  The photography should look and feel natural to the viewer and be of the places they know, as they know them.

Shipping Outside the UK

Q:  How do I send items outside the UK?

A:  If you wish to send items outside the UK please enquire via sales@myplaceinprint.com or the contact page.  A specific price will be quote for the product and postage and payment will be accepted by electronic bank transfer (BACS).  The item will then be dispatched as normal.

Q:  Can I buy framed prints or canvas frames to be shipped outside the UK?

A:  Unfortunately, not at the moment due to logistical difficulties.

Q:  What can be shipped outside the UK?

A:  Unframed prints and greeting cards can be shipped overseas.  Please enquire about this to be provided with a postage price, prior to making a purchase.

General Delivery

Q:  What are the delivery times for my order?

A:  Details on delivery times can be found here.

Q:  Do I need to sign for the delivery of my order?

A:  Delivery of framed prints and canvas box frames required a signature upon delivery.  Delivery of unframed prints and greetings cards do not require to be signed for upon delivery.

Q:  Can I track the progress and/or delivery of my order?

A:  If you wish an update on your order please send an enquiry to sales@myplaceinprint.com or via the contact page.



Q:  What is a Seller?

A:  A Seller is an approved photographer who has an account to trade through My Place in Print.  This lets them sell their work and they take a share of the sales of the products that use their images.  It’s not an exclusive arrangement and photographers can sell their work elsewhere if they please.

Q:  How do I become a Seller:

A:  It’s easy!  Simply register online, receive a Welcome Pack and agree to the Seller Terms and Conditions.  You can then start transferring your images straight away.  Find out more here.

Q: Do I have to have a fancy pants camera and lots of expensive gear?

A: Not necessarily. As long as the Photography Guidelines are met a fancy pants camera is not an essential item.  Your eye for a good photo and willingness to get out there are likely more critical.

Image Transfer and Management

Q:  How do I submit my images:

A:  Images are transferred using the WE Transfer website.

Q:  Can I submit anything I want?

A:  No.  Photographs must accord with the Photography Guidelines.

Q: Can I process or digitally alter my photos?

A: Yes, but please bear in mind the Photography Guidelines.  Photographs should avoid looking fake and should not be over processed.  Image editing software can be used to make subtle refinements to photos but not wholesale changes to ‘create’ images.

Q: How long does it take for my images to be approved once submitted and go live on the website?

A: Minimum 5 to 10 days (a test strip is acquired from the printers to inspect the quality of images reproduced as large scale prints), before the website is updated.

Q: Can my images I submit be declined?

A: Potential yes, if they do not accord with the Photography Guidelines.  However, images not far off the mark will be advised and these can be corrected and resubmitted.

Q: Will My Pace and Print edit my images in any way?

A: No.  They will only be resized to make them safe for displaying online.

Q: What happens to my original image files once submitted?

A: If approved your original image files are stored off line on a private single use hard drive.  They are not kept on a third party server.  These high resolution files are used for print production only.  The files are used to create low resolution copies that are used for display purposes on the website.

Q:  How do I manage my images online?

A:  Once an approved Seller, you’ll have access to your own dashboard, where you can view your portfolio of photographs.  In the interests of quality control, amendments to images displayed on the website, or deletion of images, is administered by My Place in Print.  But this is easy to control as just get in touch (seller@myplaceinprint.com) and your images can be replaced, edited, added to or removed as you wish.

Your Copyright

Q: Who owns the copyright to my images once submitted to My Place in Print?

A:  Your keep the copyright.  My Place in Print is just your ‘online gallery’!

Q: How are my images protected on line?

A:  Your images are primarily protected by their limited quality (low resolution).  This prevents them from being copied and used for commercial print reproduction.  There are also measures in place to discourage their online copying, e.g. watermarking and copyright statements.  Although this is very difficult to prevent given the nature of the internet, such copying will likely be for trivial purposes given the limitations of the low resolution imagery used online.  Further information on image security can be found under – Image Security.


Q: How much do I get paid?

A: Standard commission is 15%.

Q: How do I get paid?

A:  Monthly by BACS (electronic bank transfer).

Q: How will my photography be sold?

A:  You photography will only be sold as the range of products available through the My Place in Print website.  No digital copies of your photographs will be sold. No sales of products will take place anywhere else other than the My Place in Print website.  The only exception to this may be where products have been purchased from My Place in Print as stock for onward sale, e.g. greeting cards.  In this instance My Place in Print will already have received payment for the goods and your commission shall have been settled with you.  Further commission from the onward sale of the products will not be due to you.

Q: How many copies of my photograph can be sold?

A: As many as possible, they are not limited editions.

Q: Will digital copies of my image files be sold?

A: No.

Q: How do I know you’re not selling my photos without telling me!?!?

A:  Every time a sale in made through the website the Seller receives an email automatically generated by the website.  This provides details of the order of their image to the Seller and their commission.  Each sale is also logged by the website and can be viewed in the individual Seller’s Dashboard.

Q: Can I sell my photographs on my own website as well or on other websites, in addition to selling through My Place in Print?

A: Yes.

Account Closure

Q: What happens when I Leave?

A:  Your account is closed and all personal data and images previously submitted by you are deleted.  Any outstanding sums owed to you are settled by BACs within 30 days.



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