We all have bonds to the places we know.  From where we were born to where we call home, from the places we work to the places we play, from our windows on the world to where our hearts lie.  Our geographic ties instil passion and pride as they provide a sense of identity and remind us of who we are and where we’ve come from.  We all have a connection to some part of this special planet we share.

Landscape photography forms the perfect way to remind us of the places we love and as the name suggests, My Place in Print is this vision.  The definition on ‘my’ says it all really:

my [maɪ]                           possessive determiner

Definition: of or belonging to me

And the ‘print’ part? Well, that’s all about getting great images into a form that can be shared and enjoyed by all.  A photograph is never really going to be great if it’s not shared with anyone!  So My Place in Print is the means to get the photos of the places we cherish onto our walls and into our lives, and not just some cluster of pixels on a screen in this digital era.

My Place in Print will stay true to its ideals and will not in time diversify to become just another stock photo site, selling all manner of photography.  Hopefully it will create a name for itself in the niche governed by the Philosophy outlined above and by keeping it simple and doing this well – just brilliant landscape photography of the places we revere.

Can You Contribute Photography?


Help Required
One photographer is never going to be able to photograph all the places we love…………..but many photographers, well that’s a different story!  So the more the merrier:

  • More photographers
  • More places
  • More great pictures
  • More inspired happy people


Are you a Photographer?
  • Handy with a camera?
  • Keen eye for a photo?
  • Like a bit of extra cash?

Then join the journey and help My Place in Print grow!  

Become a Seller!
My Place in Print is looking for photographers to become Sellers on this website.

  • Get paid commission on your sales
  • Easy to contribute
  • It’s not an exclusive commitment, sell your work elsewhere too
  • There’s no catches
  • Do what you love and take photos!


So what have you got to lose?  Why not give it a try and if it’s not for you then walk away……………..nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say!

Future Plans

My Place in Print is in its infancy but from acorns grow oak trees and geography knows little boundaries – it is the hope and intension that the future will see expansion to new horizons and perhaps your place may not be far away. So watch this space!


The journey has just begun and Edinburgh and St Andrews are already ‘on the map’.  Where next? Glasgow?  Stirling?  Aberdeen?  Newcastle?  Manchester? London?…………………Sydney? (Now there’s a thought!)


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