My Place in Print Needs You!

 What is My Place in Print?

My Place in Print is an online marketplace where photographers can contribute their work and grow a portfolio of their landscape photography.  Whenever any product is then sold bearing their imagery, they get rewarded with a share of the profits – kerching!

My Place in Print’s philosophy is to showcase great landscape photography of the places we revere and we hold close to our hearts, so that passionate people can buy stunning reminders of their favourite place.

Products currently comprise stunning framed prints, sleek canvas box frames or classic greeting cards, with the intention that this range will expand in time with the growing of My Place in Print.

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 Who is Needed?

My Place in Print needs photographers who are skilled and interested in capturing high quality landscape photographs of the places we know.  You don’t need to have the fanciest equipment available but as long as you can meet the minimum technical guidelines, you’re half way there.  More important is your eye for a good photo and willingness to get out and about and give it a try!

So if you can meet the technical specifications, are handy behind the lens, are as keen as mustard and would like to earn some extra money for your photography (well who wouldn’t?!), then why not get in touch!

It’s easy and it would be great to hear from you. Just email any queries to – or:

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 What is Needed?

My Place in Print needs stunning landscape photography of the places where people call home, live, work and enjoy themselves.  Invariably this means larger population centres, such as cities and towns that have an attraction, for example Edinburgh or St Andrews.  Think urban landscapes, panoramic cityscapes or iconic subjects.  The more people in those places the more potential customers and so the more potential commission for your photography.

It’s also not about average snaps or manufactured filter photos, or some pixels on a screen stuck in your pocket, but skilful and thoughtful photography, capturing real moments of the places we know, as we know them.

 From Acorns Grow Oak Trees

My Place in Print is in its infancy as this new marketplace but it is hoped there is plenty of scope for growth and appetite for great photography.  More photographers, more places, more magnificent photographs and so more happy people in love with the places we know  All that is needed now is some talented photographers to grow the menu…………….

Maybe that’s you?  Or someone you know, in which case maybe you could tell them they’re in demand!

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