My Place in Print – It’s Back On!

 (The New) My Place in Print in a Nutshell

My Place in Print is an online marketplace where photographers can contribute and sell their work and passionate people can come away with stunning reminders of their favourite place.  The aim is to showcase great landscape photography of the places we revere and make this available through a range of great products, such as framed prints and greeting cards.

So it’s about bringing inspiring landscape photography and people together to enrich our everyday environments with the places we love.  It’s not about average snaps or manufactured filter photos, or some pixels on a screen stuck in your pocket, but skilful and thoughtful photography, capturing real moments of the places we know, as we know them.

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 “It’s Back On” – Explain Please???

My Place in Print isn’t new, it’s been drifting along since 2012.  However, previously it was just the online gallery for one man’s struggling photography…..which never really gathered pace and took off.  And let’s be honest, it was always going to be a tall order for one bloke to photograph everywhere! But no more, because that’s all hopefully about to change……………..

There’s a new cunning plan in town; to get other photographers on board to grow the menu – more photographers, more places, more magnificent photographs and so more happy people in love with the places we know. WINNER!!

So with some new teamwork behind the lenses, My Place in Print is all the more likely to capture your favourite place………sometime………..soon……….hopefully 😉

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