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A finished canvas box frame hanging in position (Image: 'Ethereal Fettes')

A finished canvas box frame hanging in position (Image: ‘Ethereal Fettes’)

Good News….I’m excited to now be able to provide my photographs printed on canvas, often referred to as canvas box frames or canvas wraps.  Canvas frames provide a wonderful contemporary alternative to framed prints and can look just as stylish or elegant, but at a generally lower price – so perhaps the best of both worlds!



Canvas Box Frames

The canvas is wrapped around a thick pine frame, concealing this, but providing a robust picture to hang on your wall.  As the canvas and frame are an integral item, you don’t need to think about a separate frame to your print – the canvas photograph is good to go and ready to hang.

Rear view of a finished canvas box frame

Rear view of a finished canvas box frame

The quality of the canvases is second to none.  Each canvas is stretch tight around its frame and is perfectly flat, taut enough to sound a low note, just like the skin of a drum, when gently tapped!  They are printed using genuine HP Vivera Inks, and laminated to provide a crack free, water resistant, cleanable and scratch resistant finish, with up to 200 years UV protection.

Canvases are available in a range of sizes and are securely packaged for delivery to anywhere in the UK.

Want to know a wee bit more about the detail? Have a look HERE. Or if you want to go direct to the shop……….


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