UPDATE – Although very dated, this old blog entry has been kept as a little piece of history to demonstrate the origins of My Place in Print!

I’m very pleased to announce that My Place in Print now has a new headquarters. They aren’t very far from the old ‘Hub’ and still quite compact and bijou, maybe even more akin to a glorified cubby hole, but at least it’s somewhere to call my own. The new ‘Studio’ even has its own sign!

My New 'Studio' Sign!

My New ‘Studio’ Sign!


The only bad thing about this is that I have had to spend the past 6 months helping to build it…#sackedthebuilder…….which turned out to be quite a mission. Not what I would have wanted in an ideal world; to spend more time, a lot more time, in fact all my spare time, with a tool belt rather than my camera. However, the end result is very welcome and an essential ingredient to compliment last year’s journey to self build my own website. I’m just hoping there wont be any further distractions lying in wait.

So it’s been an unexpected first half to 2014 but I now have somewhere from which to grow and pick up from where the turn of the year left off – proper photography. What an amazing feeling and I can’t wait!


2 Responses to My New HQ

  • Yvonne Mitchell

    It’s a well deserved reward for all your months of hard work. Well done you and look forward to seeing the next set of photos!

    • Dougal

      Cheers, Yvonne. Very Kind.
      I’m finally getting round to sorting a few new pics – might be something to with a complete (almost) extension and driveway……….your turn!
      PS Nothing quite like a prompt response, is there? 🙂

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