My Place in Print gets a Fresh Start in 2013

UPDATE – Although very dated, this old blog entry has been kept as a little piece of history to demonstrate the origins of My Place in Print!

My Place in Print launched last year with a portfolio of landscape photography focussing on Edinburgh.  However, the birth of My Place in Print on line was somewhat short lived as late last year I embarked on a mission to upgrade this website.  Although the initial face of My Place in Print wasn’t broken or wrong, it was missing a few essential ingredients and didn’t seem to do the photography justice.

My Place in Print in its previous form

The old My Place in Print website, now superseded with this site – Happy Days!

DIY with WordPress

After a bit of research I discovered that depending on what your web design needs are, there are two ways to create a new website – get a professional to do it, or do it yourself.  Truth be told, there’s actually a third way and the one that I eventually adopted; do it yourself but get the help of a professional to keep you on the straight and narrow.

So guided by advice of Alan McAllister of Tartan Web Design, I’ve found that the internet can be a pretty resourceful place and there isn’t much you can’t do for yourself.  There are of course an abundance of pitfalls to negotiate and refinements that can be made, but that is where the expertise of someone like Alan is essential. (Alan gets an obvious plug here but that’s because he deserves it – it takes a pretty honest person to tell you to go and do it yourself when he’s turning away his own business!)

So since early in the new year, I’ve been learning the art of WordPress and all things web orientated.  For the uninitiated, WordPress is a key player in the DIY website revolution but I’ll avoid going any further as it’s a subject to get lost in.  Check it out if you want to go down the website route – it really does mean getting an online presence all by yourself.

All this is far removed from cameras, lenses and getting outdoors, but I hope that’s just around the corner now that this new site is launched and live. Although, if I ever tire of photography, I could always now branch out into web design:)

The New Website

So was all the DIY worth it?  Well, there are some pretty cool new parts of the site that I hope will make it easier to use and make it better viewing. These include this blog and bigger reproduction of the images on the home page and in the gallery.  You can purchase items as a guest, without needing to register.  There’s also more flexibility for you to contribute feedback, which I’m hoping can only be helpful.  And with these and more, the site (albeit perhaps in my opinion) looks a lot more like the part but I hope you agree too!

2013 and Beyond – It’s Gonna be Good!!

To be open and honest, 2012 was a bit of an anticlimax.  Although the first website was launched, it failed to meet expectations.  This was more than a bit disappointing, considering I had paid someone else to do the site development and build for me.  Not money well spent.  But you live and learn, and more often than not take more than one attempt to get things right – much like photography really! And so having started again in 2013 and got the website off the ground for a 2nd time, but this time by myself (said the little Red Hen), I’m pretty excited (to say the least).  It hasn’t been easy, but I hope it’s going to be worth it.

Perhaps I’m more excited about the fact that, now with the relaunch of My Place in Print, I’m finally going to be able to get back out with my camera taking photos again.  The plan’s pretty simple and one of geographic expansion – St. Andrews, Glasgow, Stirling, Aberdeen, there’s no shortage of places to photograph. And then there’s elsewhere across the UK too and maybe even further a field?  It’s an instant mountain to climb but one I’m thoroughly looking forward to tackling.  There are other avenues for expansion too and I have a few tricks in mind. So watch this space as the future beckons……..

New places to photograph for the expansion of My Place in Print

New photographs of new places for the immediate future expansion of My Place in Print!

A Final Word

On that note, to future readers of this first blog post; please enjoy the photographs and feel free to send me any comments you have (I’m all ears).  And as a last request, if you feel inclined, please share or like any of the content you see – the web is resourceful place but pretty vast.  So any helping hands along the way are very welcome.  It is, after all, the new word of mouth!!

2 Responses to My Place in Print gets a Fresh Start in 2013

  • Alan

    I wondered why my digital ears were burning 🙂

    Seriously – we think it’s amazing what you’ve achieved here – starting from scratch you’ve got into hosting and servers, coding HTML, some pretty complex elements of WordPress not to forget the whole e-commerce world (which by itself is a big learn).

    You’re officially our favourite non-client-client but come on now – get out there and take some more pictures!

    • Dougal

      HA!! Thank you. Just wish I had found you sooner.

      Yes, getting more pics is firmly at the top of my ‘To Do’ list. Although it is still jockeying for position along side website expansion and antics – as you’ll know from my continual help requests!

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